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Way To Jhargram
Jhargram is a part of the Chota Nagpur Plateau region beyond the Gangetic plains close to the western borders of West Bengal. Jhargram is the paradise for nature lovers with bountiful forests of Sal, Mahua, wild elephants, deer and birds it is also the heart of natural forests covered by lush and dense tropical hardwoods which gives the visitors a back to natural feeling.

Jhargram offers the most exotic beauties of undulating topography culminating in hill ranges of Belpahari, Kankrajhor in the North to the serene beauties of meandering Subarnarekha River in the South. The ancient temples, royal palaces, folk tunes and rhythms of tribal make it all the more attractive destination for tourists who love to discover the untouched beauties of nature. The seasonal variations add to the charm in the forests, in summers the Mahua trees are blanketed with aromatic flowers with the blooms of moonlit nights and during the monsoons the Shaal trees are laden with the mystique of woody fragrance. The bed gravel pathway surrounded by the endearing hills and rivers, this place is also known as the red soil region or Lalmaati in local language.

The region around Jhargram is also the main center of Indian aborigines or adivasis in Bengal which remark the place as a rich center of both natural and cultural heritage.

Jhargram Town
In order to prepare schemes relating to the development of tourism and to execute them, Jhargram Tourism was established in the year 2003. We look after the commercial activities which are a part of development and promotion of tourism in Jhargram Sub-Division. In addition Jhargram Tourism has taken other initiatives to revive folk art and culture and has created a platform for traditional artists to pursue their age old craft. We have plans to encourage young children from neighboring towns and villages to partake this rich dying cultural heritage and learn the art through various rural based outreach programs.

Main aims of Jhargram Tourism are as follows:

 To do proper publicity about such places which because of their historical importance, may attract tourists.
 To promote eco tourism and organize adventure activities for tourists.
 To maintain the historical and cultural traditions of local people residing in Jhargram and to promote them.
 To provide cheap, clean and satisfactory facilities to tourists in matters of transport, accommodation, food and recreation.
 To get factual and informative literature printed which highlight tourist spots their importance and other details, and make such literature available to tourists which will serve as a guide and provide necessary information to them in order to help them to explore this part of West Bengal.
 To enhance and encourage the participation of travel agents and tour operators in efforts of the state Government for providing necessary facilities to domestic and international tourists.
 To organize cultural shows on occasion of different fairs festivals with a view to attracting more and more tourists.